4 reasons your business needs a strong trash compactor

If you own a business that generates a decent amount of waste, you need to get yourself a trash compactor. This device will save you money and as a bonus will reduce the footprint you are leaving when it comes to that waste. Check out the four best reasons why you company needs a good and strong trash compactor.

1. Better sanitation

When your company decides to get a trash compactor, you will immediately start to see better storage of whatever waste you are producing. There is a unit that all the trash will go into and then get compacted. This means there is going to be less spillover than if you are just dumping into a trash can or other kind of waste receptacle.

2. Reduce costs of transportation and amount of time it takes for disposal

Obviously, one of the top side effects of using a trash compactor is that the waste is going to take up less space. This can lead to fewer trips to dispose of that waste. In turn, fewer trips mean taking that waste to a landfill is going to take less total time. Even better than that, fewer trips to the local landfill means reduced costs in fuel for those big trucks that are hauling a week’s worth or a month’s worse of waste in numerous trips.

3. Control what goes in and who puts it there

If your company is located in any kind of commercial park that has quite a bit of traffic, you’ve likely noticed people that don’t work for or with you, throwing their trash in with your waste. If you have the regular old dumpsters, even putting cameras on or around those dumpsters aren’t going to stop people from using them if they really, really want to get access to them. If you change over to a compactor, you are going to be limiting just how easy it is to get to the place where people throw their trash. This particular point also goes back to reducing the costs, because you won’t be seeing large amounts of extra waste that are actually generated outside your company. This point is actually a twofer.

4. Controls spills and liquid waste

Compactors, as long as they are treated well and kept up, are largely liquid tight. This means that if you are throwing away liquids, you are going to be able to keep it from spilling out onto the ground. This, in turn, will avoid messes around the compactor and it will also reduce any kind of nasty smells that can arise from your waste. Everyone around your facility can be made happier with this development.