7 Ways Your Business Could Benefit from Trash Compactor

Efficient waste management strategies are essential components of a successful business. A trash compactor is one of the most common and resourceful waste management tools that you should incorporate into your system. Here are the top benefits of trash compactors for your business.

1. Cuts Operational Costs

Whenever you compact your trash, you save a lot of space. Trash compactors can help you to not only reduce the volume of your wastes but also lower the number of waste hauling visits. The ultimate effect of this is reduction in the operational costs.

2. Enhanced Sanitation Levels

Most types of wastes are a sanitary problem. They release unpleasant odors and attract many types of pests. This can be a major problem especially for people who sell perishable goods. Trash can also make your entire business environment to look untidy. Use trash compactor to keep all your business wastes securely confined.

3. Greener Operations

Your company needs to understand the benefits of greener operations. A waste compactor can help your business to recycle more of its wastes and save space in landfills. By compacting them, you are able to meet most of your recycling goals and protect the environment.

4. Strengthens Your Business’s Brand Image

Consumers and the government now demand that businesses carry out their commercial activities in a more environmentally friendly manner. No business can attract consumers if they ignore this call. If you want to receive incentives and tax reliefs, you also need to adopt eco-friendly strategies such as this one. This shows that businesses that trash compactors have a competitive advantage.

5. Improves Safety

Inappropriate disposal of wastes can lead to life-threatening accidents at the place of work. Other than the emission of unpleasant odors, some wastes can cause people to slip and fall and eventually hurt themselves. Using an efficient trash compactor ensures you follow safety regulations, and it also reduces compensation costs associated with such preventable injuries.

6. Increases Efficiency

Buying a trash compactor can make your life much easier. It simplifies the waste management process. Trash compactors are easy to use and maintain. If you have them, you don’t need to keep checking whether the trash bins are full.

7. Saves Space

If you collect a lot of wastes at your workplace, you can be sure that would consume a lot of space and make your premises look disorganized. You can compact the waste and store it in the most efficient manner and avoid this.

For your business to keep functioning with a “go-green” perspective, save costs and time, and be more efficient, invest in a trash compactor. It is an excellent addition to your recycling waste management processes. Trash compactors have made waste management incredibly easy across the world.

4 Ways Businesses May Benefit From an On-Site Trash Compactor

Access to an on-site trash compactor may be of tremendous benefit to business and property owners that may be struggling to implement a more efficient waste management or disposal process. Being able to handle greater volumes of waste while also minimizing the amount of physical space involved may be simply a matter of having access to the right resources. Commercial organizations would do well to consider the following potential benefits.

1. More Efficient Waste Management and Disposal

An ineffective waste management process typically requires a great deal of time and effort. Equipment options that help to streamline and simplify the process can free staff and employees to deal with other matters. Simplified storage and disposal options may prove to be of greater overall cost benefit than many companies and property owners might have anticipated.

2. Freeing Up Valuable Space

Optimizing the workplace environment may allow businesses to better utilize their surroundings as well as the means to make due with smaller and more affordable real estate options. Dedicating whole rooms and areas to waste storage could be causing businesses to miss out on numerous potential opportunities. Installation of an on-site trash compactor ensures that existing space is able to be utilized in a more efficient manner.

3. Streamlining Trash Disposal

The process of collecting, storing and ultimately disposing of trash within the office or on the premises is another concern that organizations would do well to address. A conveniently located trash compactor can take much of the leg-work out of a trash disposal effort. Equipment options that minimize the time and effort that staff or cleaning service providers are required to spend may provide a superior return of investment.

4. Creating a More Sustainable Workplace Environment

From easier ways to sort recycling to minimizing the fossil fuels needed to transport waste and trash off-site, there are plenty of ways for businesses to create and maintain a more sustainable workplace. Compacting waste on-site is a simple and effective way for businesses to reduce the number of trash pickups and collections that are required. A greener, more efficient and more sustainable workplace may have numerous advantages that owners would be smart to consider.

Finding the Best Equipment and Installation Options

Choosing the best trash compactor is not a matter that should be left up to chance. Equipment options that lack durability, those that may struggle to keep up with demand and compactors that are either too small or too large to fit their environment or keep up with demand could prove to be little more than a costly liability. Seeking out equipment that will provide superior performance and greater long-term value helps to ensure that commercial property and business owners are able to enjoy greater benefit from their investment.

4 reasons your business needs a strong trash compactor

If you own a business that generates a decent amount of waste, you need to get yourself a trash compactor. This device will save you money and as a bonus will reduce the footprint you are leaving when it comes to that waste. Check out the four best reasons why you company needs a good and strong trash compactor.

1. Better sanitation

When your company decides to get a trash compactor, you will immediately start to see better storage of whatever waste you are producing. There is a unit that all the trash will go into and then get compacted. This means there is going to be less spillover than if you are just dumping into a trash can or other kind of waste receptacle.

2. Reduce costs of transportation and amount of time it takes for disposal

Obviously, one of the top side effects of using a trash compactor is that the waste is going to take up less space. This can lead to fewer trips to dispose of that waste. In turn, fewer trips mean taking that waste to a landfill is going to take less total time. Even better than that, fewer trips to the local landfill means reduced costs in fuel for those big trucks that are hauling a week’s worth or a month’s worse of waste in numerous trips.

3. Control what goes in and who puts it there

If your company is located in any kind of commercial park that has quite a bit of traffic, you’ve likely noticed people that don’t work for or with you, throwing their trash in with your waste. If you have the regular old dumpsters, even putting cameras on or around those dumpsters aren’t going to stop people from using them if they really, really want to get access to them. If you change over to a compactor, you are going to be limiting just how easy it is to get to the place where people throw their trash. This particular point also goes back to reducing the costs, because you won’t be seeing large amounts of extra waste that are actually generated outside your company. This point is actually a twofer.

4. Controls spills and liquid waste

Compactors, as long as they are treated well and kept up, are largely liquid tight. This means that if you are throwing away liquids, you are going to be able to keep it from spilling out onto the ground. This, in turn, will avoid messes around the compactor and it will also reduce any kind of nasty smells that can arise from your waste. Everyone around your facility can be made happier with this development.

Compacting for a Cleaner, Greener Environment

Individuals and businesses alike are becoming more environmentally aware and taking actions, such as Compaction equipment, to do their part in the eco friendly evolution.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Management
What does compaction equipment have to do with improving the environment? There are an abundance of landfills all over the world, taking up space that could be used to grow crops, replenish nature, build homes or create businesses to improve the economy. These landfills were created because over the decades, people didn’t decrease their waste. Compaction equipment allows waste to be compressed, decreasing the amount of space necessary to dispose of it. Minimizing the necessary space helps the environment by helping to decrease the need for massive landfills and areas utilized for waste disposal. This is a great way for facilities to help create a greener, more eco friendly work environment, while actually helping the Earth’s environment.

Maximizing Disposal Space, Increase Efficiency
A seldom realized fact is, in most cases at least half of the refuse container space is actually air. Facilities that invest in Compaction equipment can eliminate all that wasted waste container space. This at least doubles the amount of refuge that can fit in the container, maximizing its own efficiency and eliminating unnecessary haul offs.

It will not take long to realize the use of compaction equipment is creating big savings on disposal costs by minimizing haul offs. This equipment can make a 5 to 1 ratio decrease in a facilities bulk waste. Not only does this improve the facilities efficiency and waste management, but the savings can be implemented wherever needed in the facility.

Waste Disposal Safety
Facility management that has safety concerns regarding compaction equipment can rest easy. Our compactors are among the highest ranked designs in the industry for safe and secure usage. The machine itself is 100% sealed in order to prevent waste leakage. Other then sanitization and scent security, this sealed technique also eliminates pests from sneaking in for a snack, along with preventable work related incidents.

Foul odors from a faulty compactor can put a damper in ones day, but our compaction equipment is top of the line. Facilities that have suffered assaults from pests while waiting on waste haul off, will find that to be a problem of the past. Our sealed containers lock in the smells and leaks, which tend to draw pests to waste. Thus we will help in initially decreasing, and eventually eliminating any waste container related pest issues.

Decreasing Waste the Eco Friendly Way
Our top of the line compaction equipment is designed to benefit a variety of industries, from medium businesses to corporations. We proudly provide our compactors to industrial companies, the grocery industry, apartment and condominium complexes and government facilities.

Our goal is to team up with facilities looking for greener solutions, and provide compaction equipment, and help them reduce waste. When used as specified, our compactors can save a phenomenal amount in the company budget. This will allow facilitators extra funding to replenish more needy areas, while helping to improve the environment.

Compaction equipment is a great way to put a dent in the local landfill and these machines don’t just come in small, medium and large. Instead, we work hard to provide a customized container, in order to fulfill the specific needs of your business. We will help take your company down the green path towards money savings and improving environmental stability.

Contact us today for more information about our solutions.

Compaction Equipment: Eco-Friendly Waste Disposal

Ideally, when we get rid of waste, we would like to do it in such a way that has a small impact on the environment, while still saving us big money. One way to decrease the amount of waste we are generating and disposing of is by using compaction equipment. Compaction equipment solutions are designed to take solid waste materials and make them smaller and more compact – thereby taking up less space when disposed of.

Many people don’t realize that up to half of the space within a refuse container is actually air. By using a compactor, space inside the container is maximized, meaning more waste can be packed inside. When more waste is packed inside a container, you can have it hauled away less frequently. This means you’ll save big on haulage costs – compaction can cut back the volume of your bulk waste at a ratio of 5:1!

Compaction equipment is also a safer and cleaner way for your facility to dispose of waste. A compactor is completely sealed, discouraging pests from entering and preventing the leakage of any wet waste.

Because compacting waste makes bulk waste much smaller in size, it is effective in reducing our impact on landfills. As the area available for landfills shrinks, we must be more conscious of the space our waste takes up. Compaction equipment offers several advantages in this respect, by reducing the volume of waste and offering a more sanitary and safe solution for managing waste from your facility to the landfill. Developing greener waste disposal solutions is just one way we are working to maximize our space in landfills.

Compaction equipment designed for the grocery industry, government facilities, apartment complexes or industrial applications can all have an impact on our environment by reducing the volume of waste that must be disposed of in landfills. Your business can go green and save money at the same time with compaction equipment solutions customized for your specific application. Contact Compactionequipment.ca today for more information about our solutions.

Compactor from Compaction Equipment Solutions

If space is important to you and your business, then a Compaction Equipment Solutions compactor may be an economical solution to any of your trash compacting needs. Not only will your wallet thank you, but the environment will thank you as well. More and more of the space landfills currently occupy are being over taken by needless ,commercial garbage and waste. The bulk of which is due to your local businesses, some of it is even imported from other localities. If garbage and waste is cluttering up your business, you are losing space that could be better put to use to benefit your business and not detract from your potential for profiteering.

First thing you should consider is the space in which you want to put the compactor. You want to maximize compaction ability while taking up as less space as possible. Second, you may want to consider your budget for your trash compacting needs and wants. We will be more than happy to come to your worksite and help assess your situation, allowing our award winning customer service to be put to work for you. You the customer are our number one priority.

A trash compactor from Compaction Equipment Solutions could be the first step to better waste management for you and your business. They are on the whole the easiest way to implement changes to your trash compacting needs. If easy and economical is what you are looking for, then look no further than Compaction Equipment Solutions. We have been the leader in waste management and disposal for over 45 years. We didn’t get here by accident either. People recognize customer service and quality which has been our driving force throughout the years.

Depending on the environmental impact you wish to leave for future generations, we here at Compaction Equipment Solutions have the equipment for all of your garbage compacting needs. Just give us a call and we will be happy to help you help yourself and the environment too.