Compacting for a Cleaner, Greener Environment

Individuals and businesses alike are becoming more environmentally aware and taking actions, such as Compaction equipment, to do their part in the eco friendly evolution.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Management
What does compaction equipment have to do with improving the environment? There are an abundance of landfills all over the world, taking up space that could be used to grow crops, replenish nature, build homes or create businesses to improve the economy. These landfills were created because over the decades, people didn’t decrease their waste. Compaction equipment allows waste to be compressed, decreasing the amount of space necessary to dispose of it. Minimizing the necessary space helps the environment by helping to decrease the need for massive landfills and areas utilized for waste disposal. This is a great way for facilities to help create a greener, more eco friendly work environment, while actually helping the Earth’s environment.

Maximizing Disposal Space, Increase Efficiency
A seldom realized fact is, in most cases at least half of the refuse container space is actually air. Facilities that invest in Compaction equipment can eliminate all that wasted waste container space. This at least doubles the amount of refuge that can fit in the container, maximizing its own efficiency and eliminating unnecessary haul offs.

It will not take long to realize the use of compaction equipment is creating big savings on disposal costs by minimizing haul offs. This equipment can make a 5 to 1 ratio decrease in a facilities bulk waste. Not only does this improve the facilities efficiency and waste management, but the savings can be implemented wherever needed in the facility.

Waste Disposal Safety
Facility management that has safety concerns regarding compaction equipment can rest easy. Our compactors are among the highest ranked designs in the industry for safe and secure usage. The machine itself is 100% sealed in order to prevent waste leakage. Other then sanitization and scent security, this sealed technique also eliminates pests from sneaking in for a snack, along with preventable work related incidents.

Foul odors from a faulty compactor can put a damper in ones day, but our compaction equipment is top of the line. Facilities that have suffered assaults from pests while waiting on waste haul off, will find that to be a problem of the past. Our sealed containers lock in the smells and leaks, which tend to draw pests to waste. Thus we will help in initially decreasing, and eventually eliminating any waste container related pest issues.

Decreasing Waste the Eco Friendly Way
Our top of the line compaction equipment is designed to benefit a variety of industries, from medium businesses to corporations. We proudly provide our compactors to industrial companies, the grocery industry, apartment and condominium complexes and government facilities.

Our goal is to team up with facilities looking for greener solutions, and provide compaction equipment, and help them reduce waste. When used as specified, our compactors can save a phenomenal amount in the company budget. This will allow facilitators extra funding to replenish more needy areas, while helping to improve the environment.

Compaction equipment is a great way to put a dent in the local landfill and these machines don’t just come in small, medium and large. Instead, we work hard to provide a customized container, in order to fulfill the specific needs of your business. We will help take your company down the green path towards money savings and improving environmental stability.

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