Compaction Equipment: Eco-Friendly Waste Disposal

Ideally, when we get rid of waste, we would like to do it in such a way that has a small impact on the environment, while still saving us big money. One way to decrease the amount of waste we are generating and disposing of is by using compaction equipment. Compaction equipment solutions are designed to take solid waste materials and make them smaller and more compact – thereby taking up less space when disposed of.

Many people don’t realize that up to half of the space within a refuse container is actually air. By using a compactor, space inside the container is maximized, meaning more waste can be packed inside. When more waste is packed inside a container, you can have it hauled away less frequently. This means you’ll save big on haulage costs – compaction can cut back the volume of your bulk waste at a ratio of 5:1!

Compaction equipment is also a safer and cleaner way for your facility to dispose of waste. A compactor is completely sealed, discouraging pests from entering and preventing the leakage of any wet waste.

Because compacting waste makes bulk waste much smaller in size, it is effective in reducing our impact on landfills. As the area available for landfills shrinks, we must be more conscious of the space our waste takes up. Compaction equipment offers several advantages in this respect, by reducing the volume of waste and offering a more sanitary and safe solution for managing waste from your facility to the landfill. Developing greener waste disposal solutions is just one way we are working to maximize our space in landfills.

Compaction equipment designed for the grocery industry, government facilities, apartment complexes or industrial applications can all have an impact on our environment by reducing the volume of waste that must be disposed of in landfills. Your business can go green and save money at the same time with compaction equipment solutions customized for your specific application. Contact today for more information about our solutions.