Vertical Compactors

Vertical Compactors/Vertical Balers–Essential Tools For Business And Industry

Cardboard Baler, Vertical Balers : XL-42 / XL-62
Cardboard Baler, Vertical Balers : XL-42 / XL-62
Vertical compactors and vertical balers are some of the most useful pieces of equipment you can invest in. No matter what type of business you are involved in or what area of industry you belong to, vertical compactors can greatly enhance your efficiency and reduce your waste output. This can have a significant effect in terms of improving your bottom line by lowering your waste management and transport costs.

Vertical balers are especially useful for recycling and waste management. They come in two designs: vertical upstroke balers and vertical downstroke balers. Vertical upstroke balers are more suitable for applications wherein a permanent fixture on the premises is acceptable. Vertical downstroke balers for their part are better suited to applications wherein you need all the functionality of an upstroke baler but do not want to take up a lot of space. Regardless of the design you opt for, you will find that vertical balers are versatile enough to handle a wide variety of materials.

Vertical downstroke balers are typically designed with an opening into which the material to be processed is introduced. Called the hopper, this component allows for hands-free loading in most new balers. Balers also have a ram that pushes the material downward into the compression chamber. With enough material pushed into the chamber and compacted, the result is a bale of material that is compressed to a specific density.

The actual sizes of the bales vary according to industry-standard specifications and the preferences of the client. The best vertical compactor companies in the businesses carry a line of balers and compactors with different models for specific applications. Depending on the baler’s design and the materials to be compacted, bales from a few hundred pounds to more than a thousand pounds can be produced by this equipment.

Among the materials most commonly processed by vertical compactors and vertical balers are:

• paper
• plastic
• scrap metal

These recyclable materials are produced by virtually every type of business in any industry, including retail, manufacturing, food service, medical, agricultural, and construction. All of these businesses have to deal with large amounts of waste production on a regular basis, and the cost of dealing with them with traditional means can be costly. By investing in a vertical baler or a vertical compactor, the volume of the waste can be reduced considerably. The resulting bales can then be handled more easily. Even the cost of transporting waste offsite can be reduced due to the smaller size of the bales.

Waste management and recycling are often challenging aspects of running any business. There needs to be a way to deal with waste efficiently without causing harm to the environment and endangering the health of the general public. Reducing the cost of waste management is also a common concern. Investing in a vertical compactor or a vertical baler will cost some money to be sure, but the payback in terms of more efficient performance and better waste management–not to mention the resulting cost savings–will definitely make the investment worth it.